The sheets are thin sheets of different materials with various applications. Their thickness varies from 1 to 12 millimetres, depending on their use and manufacture. Generally, presses are used for stamping and punching with punches and dies.

To prevent rust and corrosion, surface treatments such as chrome plating, painting or galvanising are applied. There are several groups of sheet metal, including steel, aluminium, copper and zinc. Depending on the project being undertaken, different finishes can be found on sheet metal. They can be perforated with square or round holes, drawn mesh of different widths, smooth, sanded, and raw sheet metal.

It is often thought that steel is only useful in specific areas or related to heavy machinery, which limits certain functions and needs in which the use of steel can be employed, however, there are many designs and utilities that can be given to steel sheets to develop projects.

Perforated sheets are an example of this, widely used in decoration, furniture, soundproofing, filtering and other fields due to their versatility and appearance. These sheets have different designs and shapes that are very resistant and durable, characteristics that no other material can offer. They are used in many places, in the electrical and food industry, civil engineering, architecture and for interior design. Perforated sheets offer great resistance, permeability and transparency, used as security panels, grills, screens, filters, to clad facades and balconies or partition walls.

Hierros Mora Antón has a wide catalogue of sheets to choose from, being able to choose both the finish and the qualities. If you would like more information, please contact us.