Construction Steel

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    We offer technical advice before and during works execution supplies with seriousness, rigor and professionalism.

    What products do we offer?

    • Corrugated steel bar (from 6 to 32 mm in diameter and 12 m, 6 m and special lengths).
    • Corrugated steel in roll (from 8 to 16 mm).
    • Electrowelded meshes (from 4 to 16 mm) standard panels, 3 m panels and special formats.
    • Reinforcements and lattices (6 m, 12 m and special lengths).
    • Grafil (from 5 to 10 mm).
    • Annealed wire (1.2 mm ).
    • Wire fence (5.5 mm) and spooled for assembly machine (4 and 5 mm).
    • Wires and cables for prestressing (different diameters as needed).
    • Welding wire (1 mm and 1.2 mm).
    • Flat head bits for formwork (70 and 100 mm).
    • Elaborate ironwork.
    • Armed ironwork.

    How can we help you?

    We have a wide range of specialised services in the sector.

    Frequent questions

    Yes. All customer questions, incidents and claims are managed by our Customer Service and Sales Departments in the different media and channels enabled for their reception. –

    Yes. We have qualified professionals who are part of the Project Development Area and the Commercial Area dedicated to the development of the projects that any client needs.

    All our products have the established European Certification and it is provided in all commercial transactions with the client.

    We inform customers that they can contact the different departments of Hierros Mora Antón on the website, or by calling 689 29 02 64– 96 666 41 50.

    In all the Hierros Mora Antón warehouses, a point of sale is available so that customers can manage all the necessary documentation for the withdrawal of merchandise.

    The financial solvency that Hierros Mora Antón has as part of a BUSINESS GROUP such as GRUPO MORA makes the financing alternatives for customers very diverse and personalised. Ask us.

    Our operational logistics, and the different warehouses that we have strategically located throughout the national territory, mean that we are prepared to supply throughout Spain.

    Of course. In addition to the services we carry out on the different delivery routes, in our warehouses we can carry out urgent delivery services within the established deadlines.

    We have a large fleet of vehicles and transport adapted to provide a differentiating quality service to our customers.

    Our production operations and the extensive machinery resources available mean that we can offer a custom cutting service for beams in time frames that are appropriate to the client’s needs.

    Among the services that Hierros Mora Antón offers its clients is cutting to size and sheet metal bending.

    Yes. We have several REBAR PRODUCTION CENTERS to provide a quality service to our customers.

    We differentiate ourselves in the market by having the ability to search and commercialise special materials and measures.