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These are prefabricated reinforcements consisting of two parallel longitudinal wires joined by a central wire. The central wire is formed in the form of a truss structure and welded in the same plane on the inner side of the longitudinal wires.

Therefore, there is no overlapping of the longitudinal and transverse wires and the maximum thickness of the reinforcement is equal to the diameter of the longitudinal wires.

The steel used in its manufacture is in accordance with EN 10020. It is CE marked in accordance with the specifications of EN 845-3; 2006+A1:2008.

armamuro GM

Width (mm)

Ø Wire

longitudinal (mm)

Ø Wire

transversal (mm)


armature (mm2)

Weight pc (kg) Longitud ud. (mm)
80 4 3,7 34 0,88 3050
100 4 3,7 34 0,89 3050
150 4 3,7 34 0,92 3050


Stocking of rebars with galvanised finish. CE marking.

80 x 3.050 mm

100 x 3.050 mm

150 x 3.050 mm