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Hierros Mora Antón takes material to Ibiza

Hierros Mora Antón has collaborated with a hotel built in Ibiza in 2013 whose innovative project had (and has) the added gift of uniqueness.The facilities, avant-garde and modern, have two complementary establishments: The Ushuaïa Club and The Ushuaïa Tower.It is ...

November 8th, 2022|

Where does steel come from?

Did you know that the name steel comes from the Latin aciarius, which refers to the material from which bladed weapons were made in ancient times? Yes, it is believed that shortly after 3,000 BC the possibility of mixing ...

October 11th, 2022|

Steel in 3 famous buildings

Steel is a material widely used in construction, and the most famous buildings are no exception. However, as they are large buildings, the amount of steel used is multiplied in comparison with a normal residential building in any city in ...

September 12th, 2022|



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