Iron has been a fundamental material in the history of mankind, used in a wide variety of applications from ancient times to the present day. At Hierros Mora Antón, we are proud to be part of the iron tradition, marketing high quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

In this article, we will explore the various processes involved in the manufacture of iron, from smelting to the production of final products.

Extraction and preparation of raw materials

The ironmaking process begins with the extraction of iron ores from the earth. These ores undergo a crushing and grinding process to turn them into a fine powder that can be processed more efficiently in the smelter.

Iron Smelting

Smelting is the key process in the manufacture of iron. In this process, iron ore is melted in a blast furnace at extremely high temperatures. During smelting, other materials, such as coke and limestone, are added to help remove impurities and improve the properties of the molten iron.

Refining and conversion into intermediate products

Once the iron has been melted, it undergoes refining processes to remove additional impurities and adjust its chemical composition to the desired specifications. Refined iron can be converted into ingots, bars or blocks, which are then used in the manufacture of a wide range of final products.

Forming and manufacturing of end products

Iron end products are manufactured using a variety of techniques, including forging, rolling, stamping and casting. These processes allow iron to be shaped into a variety of products, from metal structures to tools, machine parts and industrial components.

Finishing and surface treatments

Once the final products have been manufactured, they may undergo additional surface treatments to improve their corrosion resistance, enhance their aesthetic appearance or provide other specific properties. These treatments may include protective coatings, such as galvanising or painting, or surface hardening processes, such as tempering.

Although we are not directly involved in the manufacture of iron, at Hierros Mora Antón we recognise the importance of our role as part of the supply chain for this valuable material.

Our commitment to operational efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as a reliable and trusted partner for companies and professionals in the iron industry.