Steelis the most recycled material of the world, in fact, we are talking about a 100% recycling, since its life cycle is unlimited because it does not lose its chemical or physical properties.

What many are unaware about this material is that it offers a great number of advantages and is very environment-friendly.

Steelis a metal which does not lose its properties, such as resistance, hardness or malleability. For this reason, it can be recycled as many times as desired. Since 1900, 22,000 million of tons have been recycled all around the world. A quantity of 15 tons is recycled every second in the world.

In the manufacture of recycled steel almost nothing is wasted. More than half of the steel which is daily used or around us comes from recycled scrap. A very curious piece of information is that steel that was produced 150 years ago is still part of the current production process, such as the car bodies that are running on the road nowadays.

In Spain, three thirds of the manufactured steel come from ferrous scrap, like steel packaging waste, as Ecoacero, the Spanish Association for Tinplate Recycling, assures..Among them we can find recycled steel from packagings, buildings, bikes, trains, buses, pans, car shock absorbers, pipes, wind turbines and many other things around us.

It is our duty to protect our world and by recycling we are contributing to improve its sustainability.