From HMA we want to offer a complete, personal and distinctive quality service to our customers and this is the reason why we are offering this NEW service:

  • Drilling of beams sides and souls (Diameters from 3mm to 32mm)
  • Slots
  • Countersinking and screwing (Available by request)
  • Custom-made, straight cut
  • -made, straight cut – 45º to 65º degrees angle cut


  • Drill (Diameters from 3mm to 32mm)
  • Custom-made, straight cut

The KATENBACH Drill Sawworks by a numerical control system with a Profiline control system using TEKLA archives (DSTV file formats).

Send us your archives in PDF or AutoCAD to make an offer and afterwards we will ask for the TEKLA archive. If you don’t have these archives, our technical department can make them.

A new service with a maximum estimated production time from 72h to 7 days for spare parts; larger projects will be estimated on request.

This Innovative technologyensures optimal results in cutting and drilling with a functional and automatic use that guarantees the maximum quality of our service. Moreover, we can complete the offer with our shot blasting and priming of products for cleansing, protection and optimization while using.

In Hierros Mora Antón, we keep our commitment and improvements with the aim of offering the best service for our customers.