On this 8th of March, Grupo Mora has signed the HMA Equality Plan. This plan will be in effect for 4 years. It was the result of months and months of work, coordinated by a commission of staff from different departments and centres. In that meeting, part of the commission was there in person and the other part online.

The commitment of our plan is based on 13 actions:

1- Reviewing the gender perspective of all the projects developed by HMA
2- Including the gender perspective among the values of our organization.
3- Reviewing and changing the language used in our external and internal documents by using inclusive language.
4- Reviewing all the departments involved in the implementation of all job positions for all the genders.
5- Incorporating information of the equality projects of the company in the selection process.
6- Informing all the staff of any vacancy positions with internal promotion opportunity and afterwards informing about the job profile in an external level (skills, experience and training). A diffusion process of job vacancies.
7- Watching out for the inclusion of a gender perspective in the training programmes of the companies that collaborate with the training.
8- Holding training classes for the whole staff.
9- Exploring the company opinions about possible timetable flexibility measures which can benefit the employees.
10- Naming and creating a team (6 people) responsible for the stalking protocol which will be in charge of the queries and suggestions and interventions in the event of possible cases.
11- Diffusing the Equality Plan among the staff.
12- Diffusing actions involving Equality made by company staff from different areas.
13- Specific actions related to Equality in key dates: 8th of March and 25th of November.


Associated to the Equality Plan, the first action was carried out on the 7th of March, María Antón along with Carolina Martín took part as speakers in the Women’s Leadership Day held in the University of Alicante.

More information about this event: https://lnkd.in/dmehh7fe.
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