Steel has become the most important element of any metal construction.
In the vast majority of buildings, a metal structure is used, which basically serves to support heavy loads.
In fact, it is one of the most reliable structures.
A metal structure is an elaborate metal frame made primarily of structural steel components connected together by means of horizontal beams and vertical columns hinged together to support loads and provide overall rigidity.
Due to the high strength of steel, these structures require less raw materials than other types of structures.
As a result, the steel structure can be used for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Single-storey buildings
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • In the construction of bridges, stadiums, airport terminals or industrial plants.

But steel brings many more advantages that are exploited for such metal constructions.

What are the other advantages?

Steel structures are very reliable thanks to the high level of uniformity and consistency of steel..

This is coupled with the high ductility and elasticity of this material, which results in lower yield strength, resistance and elongations than other traditional building materials such as concrete or timber.

Due to the industrial nature of steel construction, the progress of the work is fast making the structures economical.
The reason is that these structures can be commissioned in less time reducing labour and overhead costs.
n addition, steel is a homogeneous and uniform material. Therefore, it satisfies the basic assumptions of most metal structure calculations made from the design phase..
In other words, the behaviour of steel, given its properties, is much easier to predict and guarantee.
Another advantage is that additions to existing steel structures are very easy to make.
Connections between new and existing structures can be used very efficiently..
New spans or even entire wings can be added to an existing steel-framed building, and steel bridges can often be extended.
And where can steel structures be applied?

  • Multi-storey buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and residential buildings.
  • Residential buildings with a technique called light gauge steel construction.
  • Simple infrastructure such as metal footbridges or pedestrian bridges.
  • Industrial buildings, halls and buildings with large spaces at low cost.
  • • High-rise buildings due to their strength, low weight and speed of construction.

3 examples of metal constructions

Here are two famous constructions with metal structures that you are sure to know about.

  1. THE EIFFEL TOWER: The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a triangulated metal structure.
  2. THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING: The Empire State Building is a skyscraper in New York that has a metal lattice structure.
  3. THE GOLDEN GATE: The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a suspended metal structure.

As you can see, steel is a material widely used in construction due to its numerous advantages..
And it is the most widely used material for metal constructions.
At Hierros Mora Antón we work with steel on a daily basis and we know this material first hand..
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