Iron beams are an essential component in modern architecture and civil engineering. Their durability, strength and versatility make them a favourite choice for a wide range of structural projects.

From Hierros Mora Antón, in this article we will explore the various applications of iron beams in construction and other industrial projects.

Applications in building construction

Iron beams are essential in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Their ability to bear heavy loads and withstand adverse environmental conditions makes them ideal for multi-storey structures. In addition, iron girders allow for architectural designs with large open spaces without intermediate columns, thus maximising the use of interior space.

Implementation in bridges

Bridges are another critical application for iron beams. These structures must support not only the weight of the bridge itself, but also the constant vehicular traffic and dynamic loads caused by wind and other factors. Iron beams are used in both the superstructure and infrastructure of bridges, providing the stiffness and load-bearing capacity necessary to ensure safety and durability.

Uses in industrial structures

In the industrial field, iron beams are essential for building factories, warehouses and other facilities requiring large spans and considerable heights. They are particularly useful where robust structures are needed to support heavy machinery, internal transport systems and intensive storage loads.

Other applications

Beyond traditional construction, iron beams find uses in projects such as sports stadiums, where large spans are required to cover large areas without visual obstruction. They are also crucial in the construction of oil rigs and other marine structures that require exceptional resistance against corrosion and sea forces.

Iron beams continue to be a popular choice due to their strength, flexibility and reliability. These characteristics ensure that they will play a crucial role in the development of safe and efficient infrastructure in the future.

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