From the beginning of the conception and planning of the campus of the University of Linares (Jaén), the location and existence of this building was considered to be an emblem and has the most singular position in the area of the campus. This building is located at the main access of the university and it becomes the top vertex and origin of the public space, and its planning axe, which acquires a double condition of reception door and inner watchtower that dominates from the highest point of the complex.
The campus was thought to look like a terraced park of pedestrian character, growing and sustainable. A building complex surrounded by green areas, leisure areas and expanding zones. A complex where nature, studying, training and research complement each other. Another starting point in the planning of the campus is the pedestrianization of the entire place.

The singularity of the building revolves around the exterior look of the same, which is a big structure, what it looks like a box suspended on two tower–cores made of concrete screens. . Under this box there is a roofed main square. Furthermore, the structure of the suspended box, from which other floors are hanging, is mainly metallic, and on the whole, it is finished with a sequence of long and orthogonally arranged trusses. These trusses, which create a technical floor, are supported by the superior part of the tower-cores and from them the rest of floors are hanging, supported by different tree-liked pillars.

A great project in which, from the beginning, Hierros Mora Antón could participate with the providing of shot blasted and primed structural profiles for a better quality of conservation and durability.
Hierros Mora Antón is always taking part in the main engineering projects.

Hierros Mora Antón, a company which belongs to Grupo Mora, took part in the construction of the expansion of the University of Linares, in Jaén, providing shot blasted and primed beams.
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