Steel is considered one of the most versatile materials. Although the construction sector is one of the sectors which benefits the most of the advantages as a structural material, it is also used by other industrial sectors, get to know it better.

It is an abundant metal on Earth

Did you know it? After the aluminium, steel is the first most abundant one in nature of the entire world. Moreover, 4.7% of the earth crust is composed by this material.

Steel recycling

As we have mentioned in a previous post of our blog, approximately 60% of this material is recycled after its lifetime finishes, look around you and you will notice.

It is a material which is difficult to produce

Steel melts at approximately 1500 Celsius degrees (this scale is also called “centigrade scale” and you must know that in it temperature is divided in 100 degrees, being 0º C water freezing point and 100º C water boiling point), this is one of the reasons why this alloy is so difficult to produce.

High resistance

Steel is used in nuclear centrals is studied to resist more than 300 degrees under 200 atmospheres during over 40 years.

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