And to improve as a company. Because, for us, customer experience is key to improve asprofessionals andto be able to offer better services to obtain the satisfaction of our customers.

For this reason, we carry out specific actions to improve our customer experience. Here, there is one of them but, first, let’s start from the beginning.

What is customer experience?

It is a mindset change in which the entire company works to create a WOW effect on the customer through the company actions, not with just intentions but also with specific methods, tools and indicators. We are noticing an exponential development in those companies who are using the prism of Customer Experience, helping them as a value generator and as a distinguishing element beyond the product (or service).All this allows talking about other things apart from the price, being experts in interacting with customers and helping the company growing more and winning more loyalty of their customers over the competition..

It is because of the impact on the results that this culture has such an acceptance and arouses so much interest. Many companies and consultants have carried out different studies to collect empirical evidence to encourage other companies to introduce a Customer Experience strategy.

For example, companies which provide a significant Customer Experience obtain more profitability (according to Watermark), more loyalty (according to Forrester) and more sales(according to BCG, Boston Consulting Group; and DEC, the Association for Customer Experience Development) than the average of the sector companies. More data from DEC and BCG: customers who have a better Experience spend two and three times more (depending on the sector) and the intention of leaving in a company which has a significant Customer Experience is about a 3% versus a 37% of those companies which have fallen behind the called CUSTOMER CENTRIC culture..

And, this is why, it is essential to take action focusing on customer experience. We tell you one of the actions that we carry out and that we use to improve as professionals and that provides a good experience for our customers.

Mixed sessions with our customers

Last 11th of May, we had a MORA EXPERIENCEsession with some customers in our facilities of GRUPO MORA and then a networking space with a brunch in HUERTO DEL CURA hotel. On the 22nd of June we held another session, this time in Tarragona

With our customers we reflect on our purchase management, the constant improvement in our service and the satisfaction of our customers. In Hierros Mora Antón we want to introduce these concepts in all our projects.

Why do we do these sessions?

Because we consider that receiving our customers feedback, listening to them and sharing opinions allow us to help them to achieve their goals. . And, this is a good way to improve their customer experience.

In conclusion

  • More and more companies have set as a goal to lead their sector regarding the experience they provide to the customer.
  • •This culture of Customer Experience looks for creating a distinguishing value which has a reflection on the results, contributing to the company survival in the future.
  • Many international consultants correlate a greater Customer Experience with a higher growth.
  • Therefore, there is a big opportunity for those companies that support this change where the customer is the centre of all the decisions, by working to exceed their expectations and developing emotional attachments.
  • The introduction is based on specific methods, tools and indicators.

And, in Hierros Mora Antón, among other actions, we carry out sessions with our customers to help achieve that WOW effect on them.